Our laser-like focus is on defeating Democrat incumbents now or later.

Our first step is to provide you as a current candidate with a FREE link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own website.  And if you choose to do so for a Small Fee we will provide a Very Extensive Resume to voters in your race which should be quite useful.  And either or both should be particularly useful to you in a race where you must become known to quite a large number of voters but where the cost to do so might be substantial.

And if you are considering running in the future we are trying to help by developing a Republican Farm Team.  Major league baseball teams use minor leagues as farm teams to develop players.  The NFL and NBA use colleges throughout America as farm teams.  We here wish to allow a way for candidates to develop early.  Our method is to encourage those who may someday wish to run for public office to begin the process as soon as possible.  Progress in achieving name ID can then be made at a much lower cost.  Plus by beginning early someone considering a future race can gain a great deal of exposure to those who fund campaigns—and these people are always looking for good candidates to back.

All Republicans who are running now against Democrat incumbents or are considering running sometime in the near or distant future are welcome here.  We will, of course, endorse whoever might win the Republican Primary.  And at that point help him or her with the greatest effort that is possible in whatever way we can to defeat a Democrat incumbent.

Vern Wuensche