. . . Why a Republican Farm Team

A secondary reason for their absence is the natural opposition of the paid media who have a strong financial interest in maintaining the status quo. In the short time from a candidate’s announcement to the election a great deal of money can be made by it in trying to quickly develop name ID for their clients. Under the current system they are absolutely necessary.

RepublianChoice50.com encourages those who may someday wish to run for public office to begin early enough so that they might make much progress without a prohibitive financial requirement.  They can develop name ID through our site and social media over a short or long period of time.  Which also will give them remarkable exposure to those who fund candidates—and  these people are always looking for good candidates to back.

Our focus is on defeating incumbent Democrats.  RepublicanChoice50.com ONLY includes races against incumbent Democrats.  Or open seats.  It DOES NOT include races where there is a Republican incumbent.  And users of our site choose who to run against.  Which may be changed.

To prevent fighting factions, RepublicanChoice50.com does not endorse any candidate–no matter how early that person arrives on the site or what positions he or she might take on issues.  The site is FREE with a link to Facebook, Twitter or Linked in and for a small fee allows an extensive resume to be provided to the public.  RepublicanChoice50.com takes pride in taking on all comers who are CONSIDERING running as Republican candidates against Democrat incumbents or for open seats.

Our business model is Consumer Reports. Future candidates will provide info such that the voter/consumer is able to make an informed decision. And because of the extreme positions of the national Democrat Party it is not conceivable today that ANY Democrat candidate would be better than ANY Republican.

Vern Wuensche