Mr. Gregory Fenves, President

The University of Texas at Austin

100 Inner Campus Drive, Stop G3400

Austin, Texas  78712

Dear Mr. Fenves:

I received your email letter this morning, and needless to say, I am very, very distraught over the actions you took during Sunday night removing statues at our beloved University. 

I realize that you have only been in Texas for about 5 or 6 years and maybe do not understand our culture, but it appears that you have acted unilaterally based on your understanding of what happened at the University of Va. last week.   In fact, UVA was not involved in any way in that demonstration.  What was involved was the Mayor of Charlottesville, one of your cohort Ph.D. friends from the University of California at Berkeley, a place well known for its suppression of free speech.  In addition to the Mayor, about 1000 thugs, (500 or so from each side) caused the problem.  They were exercising their 1stAmendment right to free speech and it is a shame that both sides and the media lacked the moral turpitude to exercise their right in a peaceful manner.  

We did not have the thugs show up at our University of Texas so what you have done is to create a problem when none existed.  Of course, this is a well-known tactic of certain subversive forms of government.    You should know and understand that history is not always pleasant.   The 685,000 deaths in the civil war were not at all pleasant, the same as the 280,000 American lives lost in WWII.  Yes, many things are offensive, even the Lyndon Johnson Library on the UT campus is offensive to me.  It should not be on a University campus, so I suggest you remove it – next Sunday night. 

Your whole tenure at the University of Texas has been questionable.  In your inaugural letter, it was apparent that you were only interested in making UT a “premier research university”.  You forgot education.  Then, you spent $300 million to purchase land in Houston, and best I can determine you were not authorized to do so.   Now the University is apparently taking my hard earned tax money and donating it to several causes throughout Texas, causes that I find offensive.  In addition, did you receive approval from the 40 acres architectural control committee before removing those statutes?

In fact, I find your decisions offensive, and as such, the perpetrator should be removed. 

Sincerely yours,


Glenn F. Miller  — BSPE 1952