The article is very interesting – and points to a very large problem that the USA is facing – if N. Korea can become a nuclear nation.  

 Just some rambling crazy thoughts of mine are: 

 One should add in that part of that alliance between N. Korea, Syria, and Iran – once nuclear, Russia will join the alliance, – ipso facto they are not already a party.  The big question is which way will China go – with USA or with that Alliance?

 This also begs the question – what did Iran do with the 2 plane loads of cash that Obama gave to Iran?  N. Korea and Syria are just surrogates of Iran.   My bet is that N. Korea is doing Iran’s nuclear development, and to obtain the hardware and supplies necessary, they are being funded on the black market by all that cash.   Just another dot!

 Based on some pieces of the news within the last 60 – 90 days, N. Korea has a nuclear bomb that is capable of being attached to an ICBM.  Where did that come from?   Was it manufactured in N.Korea??   I really doubt that!  More likely from Russia China or Pakistan.   Cash furnished by Iran!

 The problem is that it is difficult to smuggle parts for an ICBM due to the size of the components.  The guidance system is probably not very large, and thus could be brought there in a plane.  But balance of it must be developed in place or blatantly imported from a place that can produce the thing.  

 This all begs one major question in my mind  — BIG MYSTERY –  how does all this stuff move around the world with impunity and no one sees it or knows about it.   Or even worse does nothing about it. 

 But on the other hand, we can’t even find out for sure who paid for the Dossier.

 Hope you sleep well tonight