From The Texas Pilgrim

A clear consensus has finally formed that we are at the point of a showdown with the Kim regime in North Korea.  The inexcusable torture and death of student Otto Warmbier on top of the continued provocation and advancement of its nuclear weapons program has left us with no choice but to confront this dangerous threat to the U. S. head on, and, in fact this conclusion is long overdue after at least 25 years in which hope has reigned supreme over experience in our appeasement.

And there are no good strategic choices, as we have constantly been reminded, but that is no longer an excuse.  We must act now, and every option must be on the table, including the military.  I’m a long way from any level of expertise or intelligence here that would qualify me as a resource, but I favor regime change as a top priority, hopefully followed at some point reasonably soon by a reunification with South Korea.  This psychotic dictator must go, and China must be convinced that this outcome is in its best interest as well as ours, but even without that help, we should proceed.  And it would be helpful if our leadership was less confusing in its messaging, with recent mixed signals on regime change as an objective coming from Secretary of State Tillerson and CIA Director Pompeo.

Meanwhile, as the diplomatic strategy is redesigned, we need a much tougher policy right now and there are some additional pressure points that could immediately be applied that will send a message to friend and foe alike, such as banning any travel to North Korea without government approval, adding serious sanctions on all banks and businesses that do business with North Korea and its banks, having the Navy stop ships suspected of transporting North Korean military equipment, and establishing a policy of shooting down missiles launched by North Korea.  The time for patience and appeasement is over.