HOW ABOUT THEM ASTROS !!!!   I do not watch much baseball, but that game last night was something else —  25 runs, 28 hits, 7 home runs.  Go  ‘Stros!!! 

 Did you see those TEXANS yesterday!  Only 5 players standing, the Kneelers were protesting – McNairs comment – “you cannot let the inmates run the prison”    When I saw that, I protested by turning off the TV.    My advice to all those coddled millionaires – learn to speak Texan or get out of the state.   Poor babies got their feelings hurt because they can’t speak Texan.  They should try making a living in the real world – you get your feelings hurt – sometimes on an hourly basis.    One more thing – Although yesterday’s game was in Seattle,   I am tired of paying taxes to build that big fancy  stadium –  so they can kneel.  Go protest in someone else’s stadium or pay for you own!!

 Damn, I feel better now!

 Glenn Miller