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So happy to have the endorsement of my good friend,

Harris County District Clerk, Chris Daniel,

in my race for County Criminal Court No. 6!


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Candidates 2018:  Personal Qualities Matter More Than Positions Held


Candidates for any office whether small-town mayor or president of the United States are ideal when they possess four personal qualities: good values, good decision making skill, being right on the issues, and having a spine of steel.

When push comes to shove values are always the basis of good decisions, while skill in making good decisions comes from training and much practice.  And being right on the issues requires using the common sense that most of us have.  But even though one has these qualities in spades, without the toughness to always stand one’s ground they will matter little.  continue reading

The University of Texas President as a former Berkeley Alum Removed Statues From its Campus.

Three University of Texas Alums who graduated in 1944, 1952 and 1968 are VERY angry . . .

The Tax Bill and the New Fed Chairman


I realize that in this essay title I am mixing fiscal and monetary policy, which are two different policy areas, but should compliment each other, and often do not.  The real message that needs to be heard in both arenas is that we need a heightened focus on economic growth.

In fiscal policy, taxes and spending, we need a tax bill that emphasizes tax rate cuts, not managing incentives through deductions and credits, and we need to restore our confidence in the dynamics of supply-side fiscal policy that somehow we have allowed to be discredited, even though it has worked every time it has been properly applied, for Calvin Coolidge, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.  And we shouldn’t apologize for the fact that tax rate cuts at the margin are the necessary impetus for growth, beginning with the highest individual tax rate.  Nor should we buy into this notion of tax rate cuts that need to be “paid for” or that they should be “phased in”–the phasing has a tendency to be continually deferred.  continue reading


Tax Cuts Make Work More Valuable


We will work longer and harder if we receive more for our efforts. President Trump’s tax cuts will cause this to happen, improving our economy and likely even our culture. Tax cuts were implemented by Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush.  And the Treasury in the following years always showed an increase in tax revenue. And one might note that  Reagan’s tax cuts expanded the American economy for 25 years.

Democrats and liberals never consider this history.  They assume that a reduction in taxes will reduce the revenue received by Uncle Sam by the exact mathematical amount caused by the rate reduction. According to their lights, there is no change in a taxpayer’s behavior because of tax cuts.  This incorrect view is called static scoring.  continue reading


Pointed  Persuasive  Emotional  Amusing

Happy Birthday to Howard Lowe a World War II Normandy Survivor


Howard – 

I have been to Rome 3 or 4 times, and each time I have gone, I have either gone to the Coliseum or drove by it.  You have to know that that Coliseum was built with taxpayer money, and I think about old Nero sitting up there with all his gals and you know there was sexual harassment,  and he was watching those gladiators down on the field – and Rome was burning.   This was real corruption – an empire gone.  continue reading

I Feel Better Now  by Glenn Miller

     Comment by Howard Lowe

     Comment by Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller is Trying to Figure Out Why Hillary Lost???  


Logical  Conspiratorial

 With Andy Rooney Common Sense Prevailed 

Submitted by veteran oil industry driller in Russia: Glenn Miller

Some of you will remember Sunday night and 60 minutes —

But what was said some years back — seems very appropriate today! 

Andy Rooney was one in a million.  At the end of ’60 Minutes’ he usually had his own 10-minute segment that, unbelievably, was never censored by CBS.  He’s probably the only one who could have gotten away with this.  May he rest in peace.

Andy Rooney once said … continue reading

The Truth About the Wall

Submitted by former Navy Seal Rich MacDougal

When you hear Dems and some Rhinos speak out against Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico, consider the following history lesson.

Critics want you to think and believe that President Trump is racist and against Mexicans and other aliens to our country. As a matter of fact, they don’t even like using terms like aliens or the direct word Mexicans; they think that is racist, also.  continue reading

Fighting Fire with Fire: A Republican Finally Co-opts Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

Submitted by former Navy Seal Rich MacDougal

BY Brian C. Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer:

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is considered the bible for the left, the Democrat Party playbook. Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Alinsky’s book. Barack Obama is a disciple of this guide for community organizing. The reality is that the “Rules” are applicable to any political cause or movement, not just one on the left side of the political spectrum.

I kept hearing about this book and decided to read it for myself. Wearing a tin foil hat with a clove of garlic around my neck, I ventured to the dark side and opened the book. I found Alinsky’s philosophy and rules quite interesting. I also drew parallels to what is happening now, decades after the book was written. But not in an expected way.  (continue reading)

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Ms. Strassel gives a very clear and detailed revelation of how campaign finance laws are harming Republicans and America.  Vern Wuensche

A World War II survivor of Normandy debunks climate change

Steve Forbes called this a masterpiece. It is the best book I have read on Washington . . . Vern Wuensche

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