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Races in the United States House of Representatives

Likely or Leaning DEMOCRAT

206 Democrats

Likely or Leaning REPUBLICAN

189 Republicans


Running Against Congressional Democrat Incumbents in Texas

15th  Tim Westley

16th  Rick Seeberger

18th Ava Reynevo Pate

33rd  Willie Billups

34th Rey Gonzales

35th David Smalley

Races in the United States Senate

Likely or Leaning DEMOCRAT

44 Democrats

Likely or Leaning REPUBLICAN

48 Republicans


Source:  Real Clear Politics combines many credible polls to arrive at the above results

You must vote on November 6th to Offset Democrat Dishonesty

It’s time to end the Democrat Party. There has been this movement across the nation to remove any reminders of slave owners or Confederates or the Confederate flag. Statues have been torn down, school names changed, historical references deleted. But there is one BIG thing that still needs to be done if you agree with this scenario. Delete the Democrat Party. Tear it down. Delete it from history. Shun those who still support its racist past by continuing the name.

All slave owners at the time of the Civil War were Democrats. Democrats seceded from the U.S. to preserve slavery. Democrats created the Confederate flag. Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws. All those Confederate statues were of Democrats. So, if it is time to delete this past, shouldn’t we delete the creator of this past?

It’s time to end the Democrat Party!

Submitted by educator and longtime Republican activist Bruce Campbell

Submitted by former Navy Seal:  RICH MACDOUGAL

They want to repeal the second amendment.

They were lukewarm to civil rights legislation.

They created the Ku Klux Klan.

They forced Native Americans out of their homeland down the Trail of Tears where many died. The Supreme Court said they did not have the power to do so. They ignored the Court.

They seceded from the U.S. to fight to keep slavery.

They fought to prevent former slaves from becoming citizens with the right to vote.

They created Jim Crow laws.

They fought to keep women from getting the right to vote.

They created a program to abort the black race.

They put American citizens in prison camps during a time of war.

They want to eliminate free speech by preventing vocal opposition.

They want to fine you and put you in jail if you do not agree with them.

Who are they?


They’ve never changed their name or apologized.

And they want to take over the government in November.

Submitted by long-time Republican activist:  BRUCE CAMPBELL

Developing a Republican Farm Team . . .

It is never too early for you to begin running for public office.

Begin best in doing the basics by using time instead of money as the tool to become known: obtain Friends and Followers on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn;  join and become active in your local Republican Party;  join a Republican Club; attend political events and volunteer;  collect business cards for your database; network.

The next best step is to actually run for office.  Filing fees are usually not substantial. Then pace yourself.  Don’t burn out.  Continue however long it takes until you are elected to your selected office.

Your reaction might be: “I do not have enough money to begin.”  See above.

A second might be: “but I will probably lose”.  If you cannot handle losing you should never run.  Life is about losing and becoming stronger because of it. “fortuna favet fortibus”.  Success is the product of failures—because experiencing it will make you smarter and tougher in your next attempt.

And a third might be: “but I will become known as the perennial candidate”. This likely is true only if you run without some good personal qualities, In any event, you can probably run three times without a problem.  More if they are spaced.  And even more if for different offices.  Working hard at it you will be respected for your efforts.

You might not have the confidence to commit early on as a future candidate.  You would be putting yourself out there.  But think about it:  How many of you would have done a better job than President Obama or for that matter almost any Democrat.  If you did nothing you would be better then them.  And given that fact, any conservative with good personal qualities should be encouraged to run for any office.  Particularly one that now has a Democrat incumbent.


There are many individuals who are a natural fit for starting early and finishing strong.  Members of Young Republican Clubsbusiness owners,  veterans, and athletes are great candidates.

Young Republicans because they have their life ahead of them and with good personal qualities, passion and perseverance, over time they will almost certainly succeed.

Business owners because they know that success often does not come quickly in business so they are prepared in thinking long term when running for office

Veterans because they are instilled with a love for America and a willingness to sacrifice for it. And those who have had combat experience have learned to handle failure of the worst personal kind.

Athletes because they have the ability to shake off a failure by immediately putting it out of their mind and focusing on a goal.  Invaluable in a political race.

Others of whatever stripe because of their good personal qualities irrespective of everything else.


In the bestseller Grit, Angela Duckworth studied why individuals are successful. The Grit Scale she developed for her study at West Point might be helpful to you in seeing what qualities are important in a run for public office or in anything else.  Access it here.


This site is designed to assist you in your efforts.  In addition to your use of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and hopefully your website, we hope here to help you gain additional name ID.  On our pages, we direct visitors to links you supply.  And as is possible we promote you on our home page.  We also provide you with a nationwide list of links to conservative writers to help you keep current on all issues.  And we provide a nationwide list of issue groups of all types which you may select from for support.  Plus as a future candidate, you will be presented to those who are looking for good candidates to fund. And an additional benefit is that you will be seen by those in business who are looking for a good Republican employee.

As a future candidate, you will be one click away on our home page where we are now offering a FREE bio to jump-start that page.


Present yourself to voters long before election day to develop early name identification

Be ready and known to win a special election when an incumbent Democrat vacates his office

Become known before you meet the age requirement of the office you seek

Begin your run for 2018 and beyond with over 400 groups who support you—business, Tea Party, pro life, gun rights, and many more.  Plus over 200 well known writers who strongly support defeating Democrat incumbents.


Ms. Strassel gives a very clear and detailed revelation of how campaign finance laws are harming Republicans and America.  Vern Wuensche

A World War II survivor of Normandy debunks climate change

A necessary read for those who wish to achieve success in politics